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LCD Displays in the Library

http://www.popadvisions.com/– Have a Flash card in the unit. They can use JPG files and MPG files as a part of the presentation. The Library has one in the lobby area and one in the Audio Visual department. I have been using Powerpoint  to create a slide show presentation and then save each slide as JPG file. All I have to do is rename each slide to include a number to tell the unit what order to play the slides. For example slide01.jpg, and then slide02.jpg.BrightBoard 4

I have also been learning about video files and all the different formats of those. For example: movie trailers on the web are saved as FLV files or flash videos. I need a different format  for the LCD display unit so I need a converter. I downloaded a freeware application to convert the FLV file to MPG format. The quality of the movie trailer may change it is good enough. The application is called Pazera Free FLV to AVI Converter 1.2
http://www.pazera-software.com/products/flv-to-avi-converter/ – this also converts FLV files to MPEG format. There are also  more than one format of MPEG files so I have to learn about those too…